Chiropractor or Painkillers After a Car Accident?

In the United States today, painkiller abuse is one of the fastest-growing problems. The rate of deaths and the incidence of addiction are both drastically on the rise. Unfortunately, many people tend to think that painkillers are the only treatment for chronic pain. After a car accident, it may seem like perfect sense to take painkillers to manage your injuries. However, this is simply not true. There are other options to prescription medicine that could be even more effective over time. Which is better: A chiropractor or painkillers after a car accident? Let’s find out.

You may find that regular chiropractic care is a safer option for pain relief without using painkillers. Taking pain relievers in excess will only cause you to accumulate toxins in your body. It would be better to explore other options that won’t cause your body further harm. Get to know the health benefits of chiropractic adjustments over pills by scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor at Manasota Accident and Injury Center. Continue reading to learn:

Chiropractor or Pain Killers After a Car Accident?

Why You Should Choose a Chiropractor after a Car Accident

Benefits of Chiropractic Care Instead of Painkillers After an Accident

What Chiropractors Are Able to Treat Without Painkillers

Why You Should Choose a Chiropractor after a Car Accident

Chiropractors undergo four years of intensive training and study before they are allowed to apply for a license. Besides having rigorous training and a license, chiropractors use natural methods in treating their patients, that are not only non-invasive but safe. Chiropractors look for misalignment in the spine and correct it with spinal manipulation. In other words, the doctor will adjust the spinal column with his/her hands in order to reposition it back into its proper place in the body. It often leads to immediate relief and can sometimes be accompanied by a harmless popping sound.

The presence of pain is one symptom of a bigger issue. While painkillers might mask the cause of the pain, chiropractic care is designed to eliminate the pain at the root. The treatment tackles the source, so feel relief from the pain while preventing it from coming back.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care Instead of Painkillers After an Accident

There are times when pain medication may be helpful, but some users might see it as being the answer to every ache and pain. Medications that treat pain do not treat the condition as a whole; this makes painkillers a poor option for recovery. They may act as a temporary relief to the pain but they often become highly addictive and can result in many other problems as well. For example, painkillers have been linked to damage to the liver and kidneys.

When people stop taking painkillers, they may experience intense withdrawal symptoms which make it challenging for them to quit. Chiropractic treatment can manage pain without medications and their nasty side effects. Here are the benefits of opting for a Chiropractor after an accident:

  1. Addressing Invisible Injuries: It’s common to have broken bones, bruises, and scratches after a car crash. However, a few injuries aren’t so obvious such as whiplash. It may take a few hours or even days for whiplash to become apparent after the accident. Don’t let this go untreated. Visit a chiropractor immediately, even if you aren’t feeling any pain yet.
  2. Inflammation Reduction: Micro Torn ligaments or muscles are another common injury that you may suffer after a car accident. There’s a chance you’ll wake up after your accident feeling sore and your regular doctor won’t be able to detect anything. An adjustment will realign your spinal column which will lead to a release of inflammatory chemicals that can reduce the pain and inflammation brought on by such injuries.
  3. Decrease Scar Tissue: The accident could have left you with excessive scar tissue in addition to micro-tears. Chiropractors have the technique to target these sore spots faster. With a chiropractor’s help, you’ll feel a lot less sore, and your body can start recovering sooner.
  4. Non-Invasive Treatment: Should you delay getting treatment after being hurt, you may have to have surgery later. The sooner you seek help from a chiropractor, the cheaper and less invasive your treatment will be. It is true that surgery is sometimes necessary despite receiving chiropractic care but it can be used as a last resort using this method.
  5. Restoring Range of Motion: Back and neck pain aren’t the only problems with inflammation; it can also hinder movement. Your healing process is slowed down when there is inflammation since your blood and nutrients won’t be able to reach the places where they’re needed for recovery. You will heal much faster with a chiropractic adjustment that relieves this blockage and promotes movement of your spine.
  6. Long Term Injuries will Be Avoided: As stated before, if you fail to treat your car accident injuries in a timely manner, you may eventually need surgery. The smallest of issues can grow into huge problems later on. A whiplash injury left untreated will not go away. As we indicated earlier, long time painkiller use can bring other health problems. It would not be wise to treat pain from whiplash with painkillers. It’s best to have a chiropractor get to the source of the pain immediately to avoid long-term issues.
  7. Reduces Pain Throughout the Body: Not all pain you feel will be because of serious injuries. You may just feel sore as a result of twisting something wrong in the accident. Although these injuries aren’t anything serious, they’re still stressful and annoying to deal with. When a Chiropractor uses spinal manipulation, hormones released into the body that will reduce pain, including those that existed before the crash occurred.
  8. Easier to Make a Claim: Possibly you need to pursue a claim if the car accident was someone else’s fault. Oftentimes this isn’t easy to accomplish, but a chiropractor can help. In these reports, your chiropractor can provide your attorney with accurate details of all the injuries you sustained. You can then have these documents sent to your lawyer for filing a claim against the person who hit you. If you take painkillers instead of visiting a Chiropractor, you’ll miss the important part of having your injuries documented so you can get compensation.

What Chiropractors Are Able To Treat Without Painkillers

Chiropractic care is beneficial to car accident victims, but what exactly can chiropractors treat? How does chiropractic care work in place of pain killers? Here are some common injuries you could suffer after a car accident that a chiropractor can resolve:

  • Migraines and Headaches: Chiropractic spinal manipulations have been found to decrease migraine frequency, decrease pain, and reduce the need to take painkillers. A recent study suggests that chiropractic care may reduce overall stress levels, thereby reducing migraines. Also, your chiropractor can give you dietary advice on how to treat migraines and other types of headaches without the need for medication.
  • Neck Pain: Neck manipulations are frequently used by chiropractors to treat neck pain. Neck adjustments can help relieve neck pain better than pain medications. In some instances, neck adjustments along with exercises may help relieve neck pain more effectively than painkillers.
  • Shoulder Pain: Most people think of chiropractic care when they have back or neck pain, but they might also be able to help you if you suffer from stiff shoulders. Stretches will be performed on the muscles surrounding your shoulder, and your chiropractor will show you how to perform additional stretches at home.
  • Knee Pain: Chiropractors can adjust the spine in addition to the knee. This could be a better alternative treatment than knee exercises. After a few weeks of treatment, some people with chiropractic adjustments have better movement.
  • Sacroiliac Pain: There is a big joint at the bottom of your spine called the sacroiliac joint (SI). SI joint problems may result in a different type of lower back pain. Chiropractors treat this type of pain with chiropractic adjustments in the buttocks or thighs. Additionally, the chiropractor might show you how to prevent straining your SI joint as well. He or she may also prescribe exercises for strengthening your core muscles, which support this joint.

Each person is unique, so the treatment plan will be unique as well. Talk with your chiropractor to determine how you can control your pain. Diagnostic tests may be needed to get a clear idea of how badly damaged the spine is. Once you get an accurate diagnosis, you can start treating the source of the pain rather than disguising it with painkillers.

Contact Manasota Accident and Injury Center after A Car Accident

We know car accidents can be debilitating, it’s why we aim to make sure your recovery is as quick as possible. Car accidents are traumatic experiences in themselves. The last thing you need are injuries that can worsen later on and cause serious long-term damage. Taking painkillers simply delays the opportunity to address the source of your pain head-on. After a car accident, seek out chiropractic treatment at Manasota Accident and Injury Center instead of turning to medication. Have you been experiencing pain after your car accident? Contact us today to find out what our chiropractors can do to help you ease your pain.